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So. I am making a baby sweater, Minni, by Lene Alve. It is mostly knit sideways in garter stitch and stockinette using sock yarn and small needles. In spite of it's simple good looks it is a challenging knit and I am enjoying it very much.

If you decide to make one, my first piece of advice is use straight needles. Yes, those ancient implements that hearken back to the dark days before circular needles were commonplace. Managing the two balls of yarn as you manoeuver through the short rows is easy when there is no cable getting in the way.


I am using some Claudia Hand Painted fingering, a gift from Dave quite some time ago. (3 years?!) and some natural (2048) Fortissima Socka, plus a bit of heathered green (3098 - Heathland) St. Ives sock yarn as the trim colour. 

The odd object below is the centre back, right back, and right front. Ready to be folded at the shoulder and the back and front grafted together at the side.


And here is that graft (except for the garter stitch part). Sorry for the fuzzy picture. The detail is in better focus.

IMG_1991  IMG_1990

At the top of that graft is the arm hole. Or what should be the arm hole.


Yes, I grafted that sucker with a full twist at the shoulder.

There was a great sigh. Maybe two. And then I started to unpick the graft, even before I thought to take a picture, which is why those garter stitches were not joined.

Another day, another graft.





Laurie said:

WAH! Hard enough without the grafting issues.

Rachel said:

OOppps,,, I just submitted my comment to the wrong post, sorry about that! See my admiration of this little beauty in the comments to your previous post please :)

marianne said:

Hah! I am SO glad to see you knitting this little Beauty! I'm a long time fan of Lene's (snapped up both Minni and Lilleput as soon as they were available!) and my Olympic Project is Lilleput. Minni has to wait her turn :^)

rats on that initial grafting. I've had a couple of knitter errors with Lilleput that had me heaving big sighs also. reminding myself what a dumbass I can be.

LOVE the yarn/colours you've chosen!

Dave said:

Oh, yikes!!!

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