Marieke's Hat, and other stories

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When last I blogged I was uncertain about the commissioned earflap hat. I took it to work, showed it to everyone and asked if they thought a 16-year old girl would like it, and everyone said, "I'd wear it." But as none of my co-workers are even close to being 16, that was not necessarily encouraging.

The following Saturday was our annual family latke feast so I took the hat along to show to my brother, SIL, and nephew who are friends and neighbours to Marieke, the intended victim recipient.They unanimously agreed that she would like it. Phew! I felt much better after that and then Marieke's mom, the very talented Stephanie, left me a very nice comment about the hat too.  I arranged to drop it off at their house on the Monday evening, conveniently right after show-and-tell at our December knitting guild meeting.

Monday morning found me sewing in ends and adding the final embellishments.

PC100928 PC100927


The drop off went without serious incident, although there was some quick scrambling to hide the package in the front hall when Marieke unexpectedly turned up in the adjacent kitchen. I left, eagerly anticipating Christmas day (still 2 weeks away) and Marieke's reaction. Well, I didn't have to wait that long because Stephanie just couldn't wait to give her the hat, so two days later I was informed by email that Marieke's initial reaction was,"What a kickass hat!". It was then worn constantly, including all day at school until some unappreciative history teacher made her take it off. Definitely a success.


After Marieke's hat I turned my attention back to this one, PC030915 and finished it up.




It's awfully cute. No intended recipient, but I would guess that it is an infant size, 0-6 months probably. The edge was worked in Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino and the rest of the hat in 4 colours of Dale Baby Ull, with a little more of the Fleece Artist near the very top. Needles? 2.5 mm, I think.

Well, if you are still with me you deserve a little video break. This is a little video that my son shot with his cell phone while biking his regular route to work in Beijing, just after a tiny skiff of snow had fallen. You might need a little lie down after.

And tomorrow? Another catch-up post featuring The Big Snow, The Orange Hat, The Ultimate Earflap Hat, and photo evidence of Criminy Jickets in the wild!




Aline said:

I love bike riding and am glad your son doesn't have to walk all that way to work...however I renew my appreciation of my country life and warm wood fire! You must be proud of him and perhaps nervous of that traffic?? Your knitting is beautiful! What an interesting blog you have!!

Norma said:

No disrespect intended, but one question: is your son frickin NUTS??? Please tell me he wasn't doing that while holding the cell phone in one hand and steering the bike with the other? It was attached to his clothing somehow? Holy crap. I DO need a lie down.

And that hat IS kickass, which is, of course, the highest compliment from a 16-year-old. !!

Dave said:

Okay, that made me dizzy - LOL!

marianne said:

WHOA Nellie! a little lie down indeed! and those pot holes in the streets, looks like Tulsa!

Gorgeous 'kick ass' hat! Of course she'd love it!
I'm also lovin' that little hat, it's just SO very happy! those cheerful colours...
I'll be back to hear the rest :^)

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