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I received a wonderful package last week from my Spinning Roving Swap pal, Silvia.

You can read more here, and see more pictures here. I can hardly wait to get down to Rhinebeck where I expect to meet "enablers" galore!



Thanks so much for visiting and your kind words about the shawl. And yes, 3 cheers for Sherman!

I'm looking forward to "Hearing" more about Rhinebeck.

Stephanie said:

You are one of my squares! How can you be identified in the wild?

Silvia said:

I am so glad you like your Parcel. I am certain that you will find lots of people at Rhinebeck to show you how it's done:) However if Rhinebeck is anything like our Woolfests hang on to your Money and Credit Cards caus temptation will get you as soon as you hit the first stall!!!! Have fun

Leanne said:

I'm so jealous about Rhinebeck. I'd really love to go, but it's impossible for me to get away this week. But there's always next year! Have a great time!

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