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Something new

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I've started something new! I'd love your company on the journey.  Please update your bookmarks. The feed for the new blog doesn't seem to be working. I'll try to get that fixed soon.

Spring has sprung

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I took these pictures on the first day of Spring.

Nothing really special about this boxwood, except that underneath it I found

a thriving English ivy!

There are mounds of this shrub in the front garden. Looks like something in the rhododendron/azalea family?

Whatever it is, it is covered with buds.

And speaking of buds, these are on a tall shrub in the same garden. Any one know what it is?

I love the spent heads and the new buds shooting up.

Elsewhere, I found flowers on some vinca!

So pretty.

Doesn't this moss look like a forest of tiny trees?

And speaking of tiny trees, I have my very own wild bonsai.

Did you miss me?

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Just kidding. Most of you won't have noticed that was offline for a few days. But now it is back. Actual content soon. I have been making eggs. Yes, eggs.